Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Bike Ride

Ben Sarle for The Free Press

Despite sleet and snow Burlington held it's first ever Halloween Bike Ride. Over a 100 people, including families, met in City Hall Park before meandering on a one mile course through downtown, ending in Battery Park. Led by a police cruiser, we whooped, hollered, rang bells and honked horns while various Burlington Bicycle Coalition members blocked adjacent streets so our contingent could stay together.

I showed up decked out in a vampiress costume with as many warm undergarments as possible underneath my costume and placed a lighted plastic pumpkin on my back rack. I led my youngest boy who sported a ninja costume and his friend who went as Darth Vader, minus the face mask, thank goodness so she could see, to the starting point. My husband unexpectedly showed up just before we set off. 

At Battery Park a stiff north wind grew in intensity, but we ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream--only because it was free--then headed home as soon as possible. My son had pedaled the route without socks and my husband ended up giving him his own before cruising the mile back home.

What we do to celebrate Halloween and ride a bike...

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