Friday, August 12, 2022

Vincita Dutch-style Top Loading Skye Panniers Review


I am enamored with the budget-friendly Vincita Skye Panniers! I had wanted to replace worn, smaller panniers with something of equal volume, however what I got was double the size - and I couldn't be happier. 

Four hook and loop fasteners, secure the Dutch-style panniers to the rack with one at the bottom so the bag stays in place. When empty, the bag remains flat. There are additional hook and loop fasteners along the top edge for expanding, yet secure for additional groceries, or leave the top open for maximum storage. The side buckles can also stay open, but the straps are short enough to clear the spokes. There is a zipper pocket to store valuables or, in my case, for a cargo net for additional rack top volume. 

I like the minimalist design, low cost, and color selection. The panniers are backed in black material, so I had no qualms buying a colored version. They also come with a rain cover of which I have not yet tested. The roll top design itself can withstand a light shower. I purchased mine on Amazon.

Look at the volume! Wedge-shaped when extended, cargo tends
 to stay in place without a top closure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

What Bicycles Catch your Eye?

Red bicycles are classic, in whatever style!

We all have our own preferences for bicycles. What I'm curious about is what captures your fancy? When out riding, or driving, what makes you look twice? Is it a particular style, color, or is it a special accessory, or combination of several things? 

I used to be over the moon when spotting a step through bicycle, especially a loop frame. Nowadays, it's harder to spot those gems in a sea of commonplace, easily mounted ebikes.

Folding bikes turn my head. In our region, they are still rare, fortunately, highlighted by riders in upright posture, spinning faster on smaller wheels.

A wire basket on the front makes me smile. If a bike has a basket it generally means someone has an old bike that they've repurposed into a commuter. I enjoy seeing older bikes given a new life.

For color, red trumps all! If the cheery red frame is also one of the above loves, even better. Lookout, I may be the wacky rider stalking your red machine for a closer look!

What type of bicycle(s) turn your head?