Thursday, June 30, 2022

Riding Cape Cod Trails

Shining Sea Bikeway

In June we went to Cape Cod for a wedding, but why not tack on extra days and call it a vacation? It was a lesson in packing two vehicles with five bikes and five family members, who fortunately were also happy to help drive, as I was still feverish from a shingles vaccine reaction (3 weeks!). We arrived a few days before the wedding, so we explored the area trails and beaches. I was mostly well during the day, distracted by all the Cape's beauty.

Eastern Box Turtle.
I'd never seen an Eastern Box Turtle before. This 6" creature was at least 20 years old, the age when reaching maturity and maximum size, though they can live up to 50 years old. Such a cute, colorful little guy!

At the junction of the Cape Cod rail trail and the Old Colony trail, waiting for my family.
We rode the main Cape Cod Rail Trail in opposite directions from our conveniently located condo in Brewster. Some days we never used the car!

Eldest son visited from Colorado.

His girlfriend and my husband.

Once we drove to Lighthouse Beach in Chatham.

Other days we pedaled to nearby beaches.

One of my favorite trails was located in Provincetown. While dropping off eldest son to hang out with friends in the busy arts district, my husband, youngest son, and I visited nearby Province Lands National Seashore. We didn't plan to hang out on beaches this time, especially because young son had a nasty burn on his torso - what sunscreen? 

Rather, Province Lands holds the distinction of having the oldest cycling trails on Cape Cod. And not just any trail, but a paved trail rolling up and down huge dunes with flowering bushes and through a section of woodland, with one way feeder trails radiating off it to visitor centers, beaches, and historical lifesaving buildings. It was a hoot and only difficult on a couple occasions for me as I was riding my folding bike. A short walk to regain a hilltop was worth it to experience this unique place.

This mini vacation holds a special place in my heart. From experiencing a wedding on the beach, to spending time with our two sons, to renting a comfortable condo, to watching seals play in the surf, and enjoying sand between my toes, to riding shady trails in early season comfortable sunshine, the vacation will resonate with me for a long time.