Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bike Blog Love - 9th Edition and Various Thoughts about Blogs

bike blog love and thoughts
Exploring and thinking miles, 2020-21.

I have cycling friends all over the world! How cool is that?

Reading blogs during the pandemic has become especially meaningful to me, a connection with like-minded souls who are out exploring, clearing confused minds in a what-comes-next world. I have not taken this community lightly. I've appreciated everyone's thoughts about coping during the pandemic, because, surely, it has helped not only me but others across the Internet.

Waning Interest in blogs

It's not surprising the lack of interest in writing blogs, and thus, by extension, readership has fallen. Instant gratification and connection can come from abbreviated social media sources that certainly satisfies instant connection. Who knows what the longevity of the blog format will be? In a nutshell, I think of bloggers as writers, folks with a passion who enjoy the process of explanation and sharing. It's nearly impossible to do that on Instagram, though some have tried. Whatever the long-term outcome of the blogging format, we will adapt, as 2020 has proven in other aspects of our lives.

Getting back to title of this blog. At the end of this post you'll find the 9th and probably final blog suggestions (for obvious reasons) if you prefer to skip ahead.

But first, I have to ask:

For what reasons are you drawn to particular blogs?

I have been a regular reader of some blogs (the ones that survived anyway). There are key ingredients that make me a regular follower.

  • Sticking with blog title or theme - If I'm following a bicycle blog, I want to hear about bikes or bike-related content. Occasional diversions accepted!
  • Glimpse into personal life for context - Brief references to personal circumstances makes for better reader understanding. Personal histories, work life, family, climate, etc. affect how we see the world. 
  • Writing style - Well thought out content goes a long ways. I like to see at least one photo to anchor each blog post. I can think of only one blog over the past ten years that didn't need photos - exceptional writing painted wonderful pictures!
  • Regular posting - Regular blog posts are relative. Once a month, twice a month, once every six months. There are prolific writers too! I shy away from reading daily posts (I check in once a week), but that doesn't mean they're not worth my interest. It's your blog and you do what makes you happy! 
  • Natural curiosity about things - I enjoy blogs where people challenge themselves, show passion, are true to themselves, admit failure, always learning and striving, ultimately growing as a human.

Without further ado, here are a few blogs that have appealed to me:

It's ALL An Adventure

A long haul driver who spends overnights on the road, the author recounts his layover excursions in new places. He is an adventurer, sometimes squeezing in long mileage starting from his home to visit family. 

Out and About on the Bicycles!

A retired couple living in Colorado Springs enjoys daily outings on the region's bike trails. They have owned various styles of bikes over the years and are currently contemplating yet another switch.


Splitting time between Texas and Washington State, the author espouses on anything from bike infrastructure etiquette to recent interesting stats on disappearing blog interest.


  1. When I got into cycling a couple years ago it was already apparent that the golden age of bike blogs was over. Whenever I pick up a new thing (I hadn’t owned a bike in about 20 years) I look for blogs. I found yours in that first phase of enthusiasm. But most of the ones I found were getting cobwebby... Lovely Bicycle and many of the blogs that she had linked to were defunct. It looked like it peaked in 2015 and rapidly went downhill. I think YouTube is a big culprit, which is unfortunate because I just don’t know how to handle video content. (There are a few you tubers I like, but I tend to listen to them rather than watch). It’s sad. Some of my other interests still have a much more robust blogosphere. Anyway, I appreciate that you’re here and I enjoy reading what you write.

    1. Thank you. I'll likely be here to the end - if there's an end. I'm open to other formats also, or will morph with the times. It's interesting to note that company websites have blog components that are useful for education and to advertise events. I think blogs will still be around for a while.

    2. I plan to be here to the ‘end’ as well. I blog for family and friends to read about where we are and what I (or we) are doing. It also serves as my personal journal and I love looking back on our adventures, alone or with others. I think blogging is such a personal thing that I enjoy so much. Also enjoy reading other blogs that peak my interest.

  2. I'm with you on blogs! YouTube is fine but I still prefer written blogs. I like to read in general, and I find that I'm much more easily distracted or I just fall asleep if I'm listening to a podcast or watching a video. I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing!

  3. I know that bike blogs, and blogs in general, have been on the wane for the last five-to-seven years. And I miss the personal connections I got through blogging from about 2010 to 2015. Yet I still will continue at it. I've even blogged about this!

    If anything, blogging is a way of journaling for me. I wish I got more response with my posts, but I can go back and see what I did and how I felt at certain points.

    I've gotten into film photography again over the last year, and in that community blogging continues to be strong. Now my blog feed is dominated by camera talk!


  4. Agree with your statements whole heartily, yes I do a Facebook Page and a You Tube Page but really prefer our Blog and reading blogs by more prolific writers like YOU, bikelovejones, Amidnightrider and Midlife Cycling, etc. A Blog has so much more personality than Facebook or You Tube, jmho. LOL, yes, it's funny how some bike changes are strictly for the want of something different and some are totally due to "circumstances" of LIFE and TIMES! Take care, be SAFE but please keep on writing and Riding! :) BJ and Jo Ondo, "Out and About on the Bicycles"! :)

    1. I have embraced You tube, Instagram, and Facebook, but they each have their qualities that suit specific interaction. During the past year I've had time for reflection and discovered that I'm still a reader at heart, watching less Netflix than I used to and embracing novels again. YouTube is where I do my daily yoga. I post on IG occasionally. I've reconnected with past coworkers on Facebook.

  5. I'm still reading and enjoying the blogs like yours that I follow but the number has dwindled. I'm always excited when I open my reader to find there are new posts to read. I suppose I look for blogs written by people that I feel I can relate to or that I think share a similar style or philosophy about riding. Too many words though and I loose interest. I like a nice balance of words and photos. I'm still posting to mine mostly for my own record but do really appreciate those like yourself who read and interact. I wish I was better at putting my thoughts in to words. I try but get frustrated and end up posting mostly photos. I'm glad to hear you plan to keep on keeping on.

    1. Writing is not for everyone! Someday, I hope to meet you and Nova.

  6. That would be really cool, have a excellent day! :)

  7. I apologise for the daily posts. I realise that they can be quite wearing for a busy reader but I started the blog as a daily diary and that is how it has continued for ten years. I developed an interest in photography whihc has become the chief driver for my posts. Although I cycle several thousand miles a year, I am not adventurous and not really that interested in bicycles apart from my own. I am much more interested in where people go and what they see when they get there.

    1. No apology needed! You are a wonderful, witty writer. Do what makes you happy. I'm still an avid admirer of your blog.


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