Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hot Pink Reflective Vest Love

Seeking a new, easier to wear reflective vest, I spotted another commuter merging onto the bike path ahead of me one morning last winter. wearing a hot pink vest with various sized reflective polka dots. Hot damn, what a great vest, I thought and picked up the pace to catch up with the person to ask where she got it, but she was speeding up! When I realized the person was riding an e-bike, I slowed down, figuring I would find the style online and have it delivered to my door.

Or so I hoped...

I scribbled down what I could recall, but in the end failed to find anything remotely similar. Hmmm.

Adding drawing back into my life: envision what the vest might look like post-alteration.
What's a girl to do? I couldn't source local fabric or reflective material (pre-lockdown), so armed with a vision, I made do with a pre-made vest, knowing I could alter the style to suit my needs. And, who knew there's a site dedicated to women construction workers? (though not who I ordered from)

Ta da! I shortened vest length by 4", just enough for more freedom of movement without having to move the zipper.

Then I carefully cut out triangles and circles and re-positioned shapes in a pleasing arrangement, taking care to place shapes right-side up (material is reflective on only one side).

Then I resewed shapes and opposing fabric.

I rather liked how the backside turned out - less triangles and more circles!

A fun reflective pattern on the back side.
Like many projects that I thought I would get to after we moved, the fall out from Covid-19 had other plans and I have more free time now. 

In addition, as much as I like Dewalt's low cost, comfortable eye wear, I may have to get hot pink safety glasses to match my new vest. (If you scroll down to second option, there's even an "Annie" version.)


  1. You definitely need the hot pink glasses!

  2. Its certainly unique Annie and probably more noticeable than the original straight lined reflectors. Have you tried it out at night under car lights?

    1. I have not ridden at night in a while, but I suspect I will be very visible. Maybe more so if a driver sees the wild design it may catch their attention?

  3. Hmm, I don't have any reflective vests. I do, however, feel that manufacturers ought to consider making them stylish. Who knows, even I might get sucked in. Naw, my idea of "high style" is shoes that aren't Costco "Kirkland Signature" brand.

  4. This is awesome! I did something similar with reflective tape on a pink coat, but, not for me. For my dog!

    1. Thank you. If I had to do it all over again, I would only use circles, but I'm still pleased with how the vest turned out.


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