Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Burlington Historical Signs Challenge Ride

I received a tip on an interesting bike ride around our city - ride to all 20 Vermont Historical signs within Burlington's city limits. I love local quests (see City Streets Challenge) and needing to stick close to home these days, and enjoying local history, the quest was right up my alley.

Always delighted to ride dirt in the Intervale. At 6 pm on a weekday, the trail was quiet.
By using a documented resource for roadside markers, I zipped around town for 15 miles, including riding the Intervale Trail. Most importantly, I avoided the busy waterfront trail.

My favorite sign, by far, is the newest, implemented in 2019. The bilingual nod is aimed at our Canadian neighbors, who in better times are frequent tourists in our region. I had no idea international hockey games were played on the Burlington Waterfront!

Next up: linking all the city parks?

Are there any themed local rides that might keep you motivated?

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