Monday, October 21, 2019

Coffeeneuring 2019 - Second Cup at Airport Park

New Places, New Spaces
Getting to know Colchester, the next stop on my Coffeeneuring tour was Airport Park. Once a local airport - as a child I watched small planes land and take off - but for many years has been a wonderful multi-use park, complete with ball fields, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, trails, and a relocated old school house, a water & rest stop on the way to pedaling the causeway, and much more. 

The one room schoolhouse (at left in photo) was built between 1815-1827. The school was closed in 1928 because it no longer met state regulations. In 2000 the school was donated to the Colchester Historical Society and moved 4 miles to Airport Park.

Once again, I left my workplace - smartly, this time - with a thermos of ginger tea in lieu of caffeinated beverage, which had unfortunately kept me up till midnight (though I should know better). 

Looking longingly at my Dahon, parked outside my office.

I made it to the park about 6 pm. just in time to enjoy my tea as the evening was cooling down. However, using a new to me thermos meant I didn't expect the temperature would be scalding, and without a cup, I couldn't drink much. I sipped a bit in the tiny cap and drank the rest at home. Next time I'll be prepared.

This double-walled stainless steel bottle was a good find at Goodwill. Who could resist with a print like that?
I tucked the thermos in the front holder, turned on my lights, and retraced my route.

I stopped briefly on the Winooski River bridge for a glimpse of post sunset glow then bee lined homeward.

As much as I enjoy the freedom of riding in darkness - I really do! - I'm looking forward to weekend Coffeeneuring for more leisurely outings.

The Place:  Airport Park
Date: Friday, October 18
Drink: Tazo Ginger Tea
Observation:  I like that with workplace items on hand I can do impromptu coffeeneuring stops after hours. I have to commit to riding in the dark though, as Colchester is 9 miles away.
Total Miles: 12


  1. Good for you doing the coffee outside thing, I am A) too lazy and B) love hanging out in independent coffee shops too much to have been tempted to coffee outside. Maybe next year.

    1. Being outside works for me because I grew bored of finding enough local shops. We a smaller city with limited options. Plus I love being by the lake and riding a traffic -free trail. Cochester may be a stretch for mileage but I compensate by bringing my own beverage versus the stove routine - so glad I have up that!

  2. I love your thermos! And such a lucky find at an op shop.

    I like night riding too - hoping to do more of it.

  3. I was tickled to find that thermos!

  4. I have never had the courage to much riding in the dark and now I have reached the age when i don't think that I am going to start. Hats off to you.

    1. It's been an adjustment, taking a few years to fully embrace, so thanks! If I was retired, like you, there would be no need to ride in darkness. Enjoy riding in the daylight!


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