Sunday, October 28, 2018

Coffeeneuring 2018 - Third Cup at Union Station, Sunset Sip!

It isn't easy taking a selfie in front of a tall building!
With a miserable weekend forecast, I opted to drink tea at a historic place on a longer route home after work Friday afternoon. Conjuring up the idea after arriving at the office, I scampered home on my lunch hour to retrieve my trusty Stanley thermos and herbal tea, which made it easy to leave at 5 pm with a full thermos of freshly brewed tea.

I've always been enamored with Union Station, a stately building at the bottom of Main Street. I approached the edifice from the waterfront trail at sunset.

Look closely to find my bike and thermos sitting on the bench.
It's best side, however, is the imposing east side of the building, complete with clock and ironwork covering a window. I sat on a bench sipping ginger tea, before heading up the hill toward home.

The History:
The current Union Station was completed in 1915, composed of tan colored brick and limestone trim. Vermont marble was used extensively inside. The building is now privately-owned and the interior was carved into two stories of businesses so it has lost it's majestic train station appearance.

Winged Monkey Statues on the Roof
"Four steel statues of winged monkeys currently adorn the roof of Union Station. Created by artist Steve Larrabee, the monkeys were originally commissioned in 1976 for a local waterbed store named "Emerald City" after the capital city of the fictional Land of Oz. The two original monkey statues from the store, along with two statues of monkey children, rest on the roof of the former train station, while two more recent statues are located on the roof of the nearby Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center." -Wikipedia

Union Station, circa 1920, showing walkways extending from building (now removed).

Burlington Union Depot, 1913.
Interestingly, I discovered the first train depot had been located nearby, built just after the Civil War. Showing its age by 1910, the building was torn down to allow space for the more modern and larger, Union Station.

The Place: Union Station
Date: Friday, October 26
Drink: Ginger Tea
Observation:  It's possible to coffeeneur after work, which opens up more options to complete the challenge.
Total Miles: 10

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