Monday, August 13, 2018

Queen City Bicycle Club Ride - August 2018

The August Queen City Bicycle Club ride was a stellar turnout, 25-30 ladies of all identities.

It all starts at Old Spokes Home, congregating, chatting, putting the glitter on.

Then Christine leads us, toting a boombox on a wheeled travois. I meant to take her photo - and I'm sure I tried - but somehow I failed. So sorry Christine!

And we're off! Tootling around town.

Slow rolling.


Keeping close together.

Stopping at traffic lights.

Regrouping at Battery Park.

Then, a downhill roll towards a waterfront neighborhood.
A wide arc around a corner.
The sun is low in the sky.

And we roll to Zero Gravity for a complimentary drink.

I consider the camaraderie, popcorn, and chatter the best part of the evening!


  1. I like the way that everybody is just dressed in ordinary clothes, and not "club" clothes. I'm curious - how did you take the photos? Headcam?

    1. I snapped photos over my head with normal digital camera, beside the group on quiet roads or when we stopped at intersections. I don't normally photograph the event because I'd rather just enjoy the ambiance, however once in a while it's worth capturing how much fun we have!

  2. The Old Spokes Home - what a great name for a shop.


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