Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Meandering

A favorite stop on the Winooski River bridge.
Coming back from New York City not so long ago, it seemed too good to be true to have another long stint of time off for Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely stay at our family's nearby lakefront camp, plus we got some work done to keep the cottage and property in good shape. However, I always make time for long bike rides on the newly renovated and renamed waterfront trail, the Burlington Greenway.

I love the rattle/kerplank/chachink sound of bicycles crossing the wooden plank surface.

A Vermont specialty!
There were lots of visitors renting bikes, trying Burlington's new bike share, and skateboarders enjoying our world-class skate park. I love to see so many people, and especially families, tooling up and down the path.

I made sure to visit the fishing pier before it's closed for the summer while a marina is built. Burlington has long needed another marina to attract boaters, but I'm hoping an influx of moorings - and thus more visitors - won't change the character of this lovely, quiet pier. too much.

And I discovered the Burlington Surf Club is officially open. I've watched it's construction progress throughout the winter months as cabanas were built. It's a curious business by the same owners of The Spot (a fun restaurant in a renovated gas station) who also own a surf shop, considering watersports are only viable about 4-5 months a year. Ajacent to the surf club, they also purchased a nearby large brick building near the bike path where Blodgett Oven operated since the 1940's (Blodgett is moving to Essex). It will be very interesting to see what the long-term plans are for the entire property.

Construction in winter.
What a wonderful afternoon, pedaling, exploring, and enjoying the Burlington Greenway!

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