Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dash for the Sunset

Our heart was not in pedaling to the fireworks show this year as a three-some, without extended family members in attendance. Instead, we dashed in the opposite direction to watch the sunset on the bridge over the Winooski River. We spied Canadian geese and goslings, debris floating downriver from high water, and cyclists high-tailing the other way to catch the fireworks. For once, I was relieved to avoid the crowds and do something completely different.

I will save packages of glow sticks for another time!


  1. I'll take a sunset any time over fireworks.

  2. +1 on the sunset I also find I have a lower tolerance of crowds and traffic as I get older

  3. Looks like a beautiful choice! :) We were in bed and asleep before 10p, so count us in the category of folks who opted not to do fireworks.


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