Thursday, June 8, 2017

Queen City Bicycle Club June 2017 Tour

You know that good weather is coming, especially when 30 women show up for the monthly ladies-only, bell-ringing, fun ride around Burlington.

I noticed this sweet house, only after I inspected my photos! It's typical Canadian architecture - a sweeping roof with symmetrical A-line peak. 
We stick to quiet streets, mostly, but who doesn't like to head downtown, rock and roll to loud tunes, and wave to smiling bystanders?

Lately, I've been digging our dizzying loops around the fountain in City Hall Park.

There was a lot more, of course, including a cruise along the waterfront trail. before heading over to Zero Gravity for our complimentary drink. Gotta love that Cone Head! And...of special interest, I have tentative bike overnight plans with one of the ladies for this coming weekend. Weather, are you on my side?


  1. You should just come and ride here in Colorado... of course, you might have the opposite problem since we're supposed to be hot, dry and 95F+. :) Hope the weather doesn't ruin your plans to ride!

    BTW, I love the house in the second photo. I have such a love for older houses of many different styles. :)

  2. One of the things I love about causal riding is noticing things. I see cool bungalows in my neighborhood on streets I have been down many times and then out of nowhere I see a cool old house and wonder how I could have missed it all those other times. Hope your S24O works out

  3. This looks like so much fun. I love these kind of casual, no pressure rides, where you go at a pace that allows conversation and picture taking. We do a lot of these with the local bike co-op. In addition to getting people out to ride for fun, I think it encourages more people to think about using bikes for transportation.

    1. I agree and even talked with women on the ride who are first time riders around town. They like the safety in numbers. We always get positive responses from bystanders without the usual anger from motorists, particularly those drivers we momentarily hold up at intersections. They seem to accept that we need to stick together, but it could be because of the time of day. Evening rides and drivers aren't late for work!


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