Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Floral Bouquet Makes My Day

I was knee deep into a major project at work when two staff members surprised me with flowers, card, and a bag of local chocolate truffles, announcing it was Administrative Professionals Day. The gifts were much appreciated, but it was the messages written in the card, by numerous staff members that let me know how much they appreciate what I do that adds value to the company and their particular projects, that affected me the most.

I couldn't resist bicycling the flowers home, the included box making it easy to attach to my rack using a bungee cord. Too bad I couldn't use this image for the Errandonnee's "You carried WHAT on your bike?" category!

I smiled all the way home.


  1. Good for you Annie, always nice to be appreciated.

  2. Very sweet! It's always nice to be appreciated.

    I actually carried a vase full of flowers in a front basket a couple of months ago to a friend. I had the vase bungeed so many different ways to attempt to keep the flowers from toppling during the (very bumpy) ride. I was shocked that I made it to the destination without too much damage. :)


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