Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Animated Bicycle

We have a son that is enamored with technology. From drones, to programming robots, to creating websites, to animation, he is all over this stuff like a duck takes to water. I will miss him (and his free tech advice/help) when he heads off to college. In his spare time last summer, he put together this animated bicycle for me.

And I'd be remiss if I also didn't share his amazing autumn foliage video, again. If you need a mood lifter, especially during these colorless winter days, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.


  1. What A talented Son you have! And as for tech support my Mom still calls me for that from 185 miles away lol and I am always happy to help, last time I was down I fixed a glitch with her printer, helped her and made me feel useful and smart- even though I basically just rebooted it all lol

    1. What would we do without the younger generation to help us with technology? I finally bought a smart phone last summer so I could text (and keep track of) our boys, who are loathe to answer their phones.

  2. Pretty cool! I especially like the shadows.

  3. That's cool your son is into technology. Very talented. I would have liked to hear more beautiful music for the foliage video. That's because we are so far away from our connection to earth. Its like watching a TV vs. being a part of it. Anything that brings us closer to the earth and empathy for all things is much needed right now.


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