Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 - Seventh Cup at Battery Park

The stars aligned for the last two Coffee Shop Without Walls adventures! So much for failing and spilling milk - now a minor hiccup on my coffeeneuring 2016 experience - because I've more than made up for my carelessness. I've learned to store milk in a mason jar, pack the stove in a baggy, put matches and a lighter in separate containers - in short - relearn my kitchen camping skills.

With temperatures climbing into the 60's on Saturday and plummeting to the 30s on Sunday, I planned ahead to take advantage of a spectacular morning at nearby Battery Park, a wonderful spot overlooking the Burlington harbor. Like the exquisite Ethan Allen Tower coffeeneuring experience with my husband in 2015, its nice to remind myself that not all Lake Champlain vistas have to be located on the beach.

There were lots of people strolling, relaxing on benches, likewise enjoying what could be our last warm fall day.

A flock of geese flew overhead, my stove provided hot water in record time, and I unzipped my jacket - all indications of a spectacular morning. I became fascinated with the large tree in the foreground, admiring its toothy trunk.

And so, my coffeeneuring challenge is complete. Along the way I've learned that I do not need the complications of including my camping chair, I may need to replace my stove, and I have a long list of additional lakeside brew up spots - enough to finish out a third year without repeating a venue.

Long Live Coffeeneuring!

The Place: Battery Park
Date: Saturday, November 19
Drink: Vermont Coffee Company, Dark Roast 
Observation, Bike Friendliness: Family friendly park. A sweeping view of waterfront where American troops once defended attack by British during War of 1812.
Total Miles: 4


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    1. It's easy to overlook this wonderful treasure, but I'm glad I discovered it's a nice place to just "be" whether it's for coffeeneuring, enjoying a picnic, summer concerts, or watching kids on the playground.

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    1. Ryan - My apologies, I inadvertently deleted your comment and I can't retrieve it.

    2. No worries Annie I was just commenting on what a gorgeous late fall day you got for the final Coffeeneuring control-nice pictures. For me here in Seattle it was cold dark and wet but after the ride I was nice and cozy in the coffee shop.

  3. Giving me ideas... BTW next post is not showing on link...

    1. I prematurely posted before I was finished writing so I pulled the blog post.


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