Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Commuting Beneath a Colorful Canopy - Autumn is Arriving Fast!

Since mid-September the days and nights have grown cooler - more typical of autumn in Vermont. With the shift in weather I have been more myself. I appreciate my surroundings, the sound of geese honking overhead, admiring various shades of purple asters edging the trails, puddles of leaves forming...

In the Champlain Valley peak foliage is at least a week from becoming that burst of color that makes me sigh, and linger, and stop my bicycle just so I can gaze overhead through an amazing canopy...

I have glimpses of the spectacle to come...

Pockets of brilliance already have arrived along my commute to work. I hold these moments close.


  1. Beautiful time of year to be commuting by bike.

  2. "With the weather shift, I have been more myself." Well...that struck a chord.

  3. So lovely. I love autumn. Unfortunately, we're still in the 80s here in Tennessee. Ugh.

  4. I love getting out on my bike at this time of the year.... Autumn is probably the best season for both walking and cycling...


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