Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sublime Ride to Work

It doesn't get much better than these early morning rides along the waterfront. At 58F, I refuse to don socks or a jacket, instead riding in t-shirt, shorts and sandals, relishing the colder temperatures because, after the summer we've had, 4 miles of blissful cold toes and chilly arms is a chance worth taking! Besides, the last mile is a gradual uphill and I arrive at the office with a body warmed and ready for the day ahead.

*I promise, the next post will about the Clementine!


  1. What a lovely shot, I can see why you love your commute. And I too welcomed the cooler temperatures. In Seattle we had days of up to 90 degrees in late August and then as if a switch was flipped I awoke on September 1st to rain and temps in the mid 60s. I am not complaining. Looking forward to your next post ;-)


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