Sunday, September 11, 2016

Riding Four Different Bikes in One Day

This is a first: riding four different bicycles in one day, all for transportation! It was purely unintentional - I was transferring both the borrowed Boda Boda and my Clementine from our family's camp the 6 miles back home, and unwilling to try both long frames on our vehicle's bike rack, over the course of the day I ended up riding 4 bikes.

It went something like this: rode Boda Boda home, returned on Peugeot (my husband riding with me), retraced route on Clementine, then a while later, I rode my commuter Ross, sporting lights, loaded with a few belongings - enough to stay overnight - stopping for a few groceries en route, arriving in darkness back at camp. As I rode the last leg, it occurred to me that all four bicycles had platform pedals.

Have you ever ridden several different bicycles in one day?


  1. Yes! One fine summer day, I rode my Heavy Duti to meet my friend Carl for lunch, then we grabbed the Biketown (Portland bike share bikes) to ride to the bluffs. Later that night I rode the Crested Butte. Not four, but close enough!

  2. Baseball players can hit for the "cycle" (one of each type of hit single -homerun) you Annie have just rode for the Cycle - 4 bikes with different frames- in one day! Chapeau!

    1. Did I win a prize? Perhaps, tickets to a Mariners' game? Ha ha! I had to look up what you're talking about "hitting for the cycle". It's pretty rare, which in my case is the same. I've ridden a two wheeler for 47 years and this was first "cycle". Pretty cool.

    2. Kinda funny this came up I was thinking about the "Cycle" last month and decided for September I would do a "cultural" cycle during the month: Live music (done), Live Sports - going to the Mariners on the 20th, A Museum (going to EMP later this month) and a National Park- Going to Mt. Rainier this weekend. I may have to come up with some sort of Bicycling oriented Cycle now.


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