Monday, June 13, 2016

New Rubber for the Ross

I had to commute on the Trek Antelope for nearly a week, post Canadian tour, before I got around to minor repairs on my Ross Mt. Saint Helens commuter bike. I fixed a rear flat tire and fitted new Panaracer Pasela rubber - gumwalls are visible again! And as one thing led to another: polishing rims, flossing degreaser between freewheel cogs, wiping derailleur, (with the rear wheel removed some parts are easier to clean!) I finally took this mountain beauty out for a spin. It was then that I realized how much I'd missed tooling around on my girly bike - the Trek is faster, more suited to loaded touring, but I definitely prefer the Ross's upright posture.

Yeah, I suspect the Clementine is gonna rock my bike world!


  1. The Pasela is my favourite tyre. Enjoy!

  2. +1 on the Pasela's love them, and that is one clean wheel!

  3. How did I miss your post about the Clementine order?! Hmm... anyway, I am very excited that you have one on order and that you have some new rubber on your Ross. Hopefully, you are finding renewed joy being reconnected. I always enjoy new tires myself... makes the ride somehow feel new again. :)

    On a Rivendell note, I suspect that you will be happy with the Clementine (Clem-L). My biggest struggle with Rivendell has been sizing because of my height. Personally, I feel that everything is made in their models for those over 5'6" and those of us not quite or close to that height have a little more difficult time. I recall when I bought my Hillborne several years ago that the stated approximate height for the smallest (no longer made) size was 4'11"-5'5". I cannot even fathom someone who was anywhere near the low end of the spectrum being able to comfortably ride that bike as I struggle being closer to the taller end of the range. My point being that the proportions seem to be well suited for taller riders, and I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy yours when it arrives! :)

    1. Thanks G.E., I remember saying that I would never order a bike unseen, and then, well, I obviously did just the opposite! My issue has always been to locate an affordable, large sized step-through frame with clearance for wide tires. I believe the Clementine will fill that niche. When it comes time to replace tires, you can bet Pasela gumwalls will grace the Clementine!

    2. I think we have all said things and then changed our minds at some later point. :) Super happy for you and hope to hear all about it when you're able to get in some good rides.

  4. I love gumwall tires. Of course, I always end up ordering black tires with a reflective strip, but I do love how these look.

    I just put new Vittoria Voyager Hypers on my Bianchi Volpe. Plush!


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