Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Errandonnee 2016 - Having a Good Time

March 12th errand, visiting family.
Even with the great spring weather this time around I just squeaked by the Errandonnee finish line, completing 12 errands by the deadline. I was surprised to find someone other than myself, listing a long bike ride in the Personal Care category—nothing wrong with that! Another interesting observation: I never anticipated filling up the Social Call column, but because of pleasant temperatures, I took the opportunity to pedal further to visit family and friends. 

Errandonnee Scorecard, Errands 7-12

March 11
Category: Work
Observation: My poncho works well in the rain.
Miles: 10

March 12 (first photo in post)
Category: Social Call, visiting my mom and brother, plus helping out at their home
Observation: Riding there and back was a good workout.
Miles: 23

March 13
Category: Non-store Errand, returning a library book
Observation: The library has evening hours to accommodate and suit 8-5 workers like myself.
Miles: 1

March 13
Category: Social Call, trying to visit a friend
Observation: It was lovely being out with my husband even though our friend wasn't home when we stopped by. We socialized en route!
Miles: 13

Left: All my bike related paraphernalia in my cubicle. Right: I monopolize bike rack parking, because I can.
March 14
Category: Work
Observation: Due to a family emergency at home I was able to mobilize and ride home in a skirt and tights. (All was well.)
Miles: 10
Love those Pound Plus chocolate bars.
March 15
Category: Personal Care, Trader Joes
Observation: A crisis: I had to resupply wine, chocolate and salsa—3 items I can't live without!
Miles: 2

Thanks, MG, for inspiring me to do something different.

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