Monday, November 30, 2015

Riding in the Cold with Moonlight for Company

A star-filled sky is a constant companion on my commutes at 5:15 pm. After three weeks of riding in darkness, I've quickly grown accustomed to and, in fact, prefer riding in near blackness, bike path lit only by my amazing bike light.

I am content, embracing the night, which was wholly unexpected. How had I come to this?

My comfort may stem from a heightened sense of smell and solitude. Fallen leaves emit an earthy aroma and as corny as it sounds, I like this connection to my surroundings. And now that it's dark, most of the after work walkers and joggers are not present. It's just me and 2-3 other hardy riders, all using powerful headlights so when we pass, we momentarily blind each other, but then I'm left again in solitude. A quiet I've grown to love.

The November full moon seemed to come on quickly. One evening I noticed a waxing moon and then suddenly - or so it seemed - a golden, glowing moon rested just above the horizon, casting shadows in the trees, highlighting a few leaves clinging to branches. The stragglers were tenacious, unaware they should be on the ground with their brothers.

I may not see the next full moon aboard my bike, but for now, I'm content with whatever mother nature decides to bestow upon us. I take one day at a time and bask in each frosty, delicious ride homeward.

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