Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015 - Second Cup on Oak Ledge's Natural Stone Benches

Cliffside bike parking - no need for a kick stand!
I pedaled a few miles of Burlington's hill section before arriving at Oak Ledge Park. I've decided to combine my Burlington Streets Challenge outings with coffeeneuring adventures. It seems like a perfect opportunity to discover and check off new roads, ride additional miles, enjoy the beautiful autumn colors, and have a picnic brew up at a lakeside park.

Oak Ledge has a series of red rock ledges with primo lake views. Pick a ledge, any ledge! It was a blustery morning in the mid 40s F, so I explored a bit before choosing a flat rock sheltered from wind and water spray for coffeeneuring.

This time I fired up our trusty Coleman stove, bought in Australia and used extensively during the later part of our world adventure and throughout all the intervening years since. We love it's stable platform and built-in fuel tank. In no time, the water was hot and I poured it over espresso grounds in a filter resting in my cup, let coffee brew, then added premixed cocoa and milk.

As I relaxed, sipping a  lovely drink, I thought about my theme for this years coffeeneuring outings. On top of pledging to utilize all Coffee Shop Without Walls options, I also plan to have my drinks at seven unique spots with views of Lake Champlain. What do you think? Does that fall under the category of a theme within a theme within a theme?

The Place: Oak Ledge Park's ledges
Date: Saturday, October 10
Drink: Espresso Mocha
Observation, Bike Friendliness: There are plenty of quiet and safe places to use the camping stove to make coffee. I was pleased to see the guardian oak tree is still thriving. I brought my bike with me and propped it against a rock within view of my picnic spot.
Total Miles: 7


  1. That looks like such a wonderful place to stop for a hot cup of something. Great pictures.

    1. Thanks Kendra. It's hard to take a bad picture with the lake in the background. Hopefully I'll still be able to brave the plummeting temperatures for the next few sessions...

  2. The no kickstand photo is great. It appears the bike has grown from within the rock. Also like your coat.

    1. Thanks Randy. I'm also enjoying your fall tour of bike trails. What a great thing that you and Nova are doing!


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