Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015 - Fifth Cup a la Overlook

I had ridden several miles already, enduring another gusty mid-morning ride in the south end of Burlington, but then I sailed northward, searching for a secluded spot with a lake view.

After a few false tries: fishing pier, Blanchard Beach, and Leddy Beach, all beautiful places in calmer weather, I found a quiet place complete with bench, sheltered from southern exposure.

I was just me and my hissing stove with temporary kitchen near a puddle of oak and maple leaves.

Again, I brewed black tea with milk and sugar, heating all ingredients together to create a strong, tasty, sweetened drink. I also read a few pages of my current murder mystery novel, Bury Your Dead.

Big waves rolled across the shallow, sandy shoreline.
A few cyclists rolled up to admire the view while I sipped tea. An older gentleman and I chatted, comparing our love of the waterfront trail, and as often happens we discovered we both have wanderlust, frequently riding the 7 mile length in both directions. His French accent opened a conversation about visiting Montreal (he's a local French teacher), then I asked if he'd ever visited the La Route des Vins, (and not surprisingly, he corrected my French pronunciation). As it turns out, I introduced the gentlemen to a part of Canada he'd never visited, so I briefly recounted my recent bike tour. We eventually parted, swapping first names. I hope I meet Adrienne again. 

The Place: Waterfront Bike Path Overlook
Date: Saturday, October 24.
Drink: Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold tea 
Observation, Bike Friendliness: This is a popular overlook spot with stairway access to a sandy beach. In the summer, walkers and bicyclists congregate to watch the sunset.
Total Miles: 15


  1. Another winner! It might be my preference for coffee shops without walls, but so far this year, I think you are at the top of the "most artistic coffeeneuring" category. Keep up the great work.

    1. Gee thanks Pondero! Lake Champlain is a special place and we are very lucky to have public access to a waterfront bike path (former rail trail). I gravitate toward lake views whenever I'm out on my bike.


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