Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Ebb and Flow of Blogging

It is with heartfelt misgivings that I've watched some truly wonderful bicycle blogs end. Perhaps the intentions and priorities behind the scenes have changed over the years. Or the devotion has gone. Other writers have taken breaks. Being a writer myself, I have not totally understood these feelings or lack of commitment, until now. I must write as a form of therapy and connection to the bicycle life that has taken me many places, quite figuratively and literally over the past 30 years. And then there is being outdoors, the exercise, this glue that bicycles hold for me as an integral device for clarity.

But the shift has occurred even for me. Life happens, as the saying goes, which holds true for all of us. Priorities have changed and more important matters must take precedence. It feels right as this moment in my life to reign in my writing and time spent at the computer to devote my energies toward more important matters.

Since the spring, I have been posting less, perhaps only once a week. At first it didn't feel fair to my readers, but as the months gave way I realized it felt right for me, the person who really matters in this arrangement. And so, this is your warning that I will be writing less but also my apology to fellow bloggers for my lack of understanding over the years. I finally feel a kinship with cyclist bloggers, one I hope will continue for years to come.

It goes without saying that I will be bicycle commuting, conjuring up some new upcycling projects, and squeeze in at least one bike overnight for 2015 (cross your fingers for good weather in September). a more difficult aspect of my life now that I work full-time. And then there is my quest to ride all of Burlington's city streets, plus researching my dream bike. Rest assured, bicycles are still key to my happiness.


  1. There is a natural ebb and flow in blogging that affects us all at times Annie....
    Rest assured that whether you blog once a week or once a month your fellow bloggers and readers will still be here to catch up with you.......

  2. Annie--There is definitely an ebb and flow to blogging. For whatever reasons, I've been posting a lot for the past year-plus. Then again, most of those posts have been on one of my blogs--Midlife Cycling--while I've written less frequently on my other blog (Transwoman Times).

    You're all about quality, not quantity, and we wouldn't want you any other way!

  3. As someone who swears at least once a year that I am giving up blogging, I understand these feelings. It isn't that my love of cycling changes, but rather that other things take precedence and then I begin to feel guilty for not writing. Some days, it does seem easier to shut it down.

    I hope that you'll continue to write - when you have the time - and not feel an obligation to anyone other than yourself and your family. That is what truly matters. Readers will pop in when it works for you, and I think we all understand that life happens outside of a computer screen.

    I hope you take some time to just enjoy as summer (yikes!) is already coming to an end.

  4. I feel you, bigtime. Write when you want and what you want; I prefer (and hope others do too) that the bloggers I like slow down but stick around... like I've been doing.

  5. What Trevor said. I'll continue to look forward to reading your musings as and when you wish to post them.

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts and affirmation. I definitely agree that bogging should not be an obligation but a creative outlet but only when time allows and not at the expense of spending time with family.

  7. I feel ya. I just realized that I've been blogging for a decade (gasp!) but there was several years of ebb in there. I haven't been as prolific this summer, but I'll probably write more in winter. I feel like I "should" write more, but when I start thinking about it, I don't really "want" to write more. How often can you say the same thing? But I know that inspiration will hit at some point, probably about when the rains return!

  8. Definitely seeing the trends. Even Google data shows that blogs, bike blogs notwithstanding, are very much on the decline, peaking around 2005 and fizzling out since then. I've been posting a lot less frequently this year as well, but then I don't have too many readers to disappoint... Either way, there's no reason you shouldn't be allowed to flex to whatever suits you best. Best wishes!

  9. I'm with you Annie. Been on that verge myself, for perhaps similar reasons, for a while. As urbanadventureleague says above, inspiration will hit at some point, probably. Peace.

    1. I remember you taking a hiatus. I completely understand now.

  10. Do what works for you Annie, I certainly understand slowing down on posting (ahem) thank you for your wonderful blog .


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