Monday, May 11, 2015

Riding the Trails at Sunny Hollow

Sunny Hollow Trails are only three miles from home. In recent years Fellowship of the Wheel, our local mountain bike club, has adopted and maintained this 5 mile network, once a haphazard system of walking trails on Colchester Park land, now adapted for bikes also. My husband and I walked most of the trails recently, realizing there are plenty of easy trails with enough intermediate level loops to satisfy everyone. In other words, perfect for a family ride.

On a "green" beginner trail.
I set out with our youngest son and his friend on a very hot day, however everyone was game and we brought plenty of water. It's been dry lately so trail conditions were just right. Insects have yet to emerge, another bonus.

My son and his friend rode over the 10' wide ramp. My son rode it a second time so I could snap a photo.
I was too chicken to even attempt it.
The boys led the entire way. "No offense," my son's friend said when I unintentionally started off first after a water break, "but you aren't riding a mountain bike."

I smiled. "Of course you can lead. But did you know that my bike was one of the first mountain bikes? From the 1980s. Before shocks were invented." My son confirmed this tidbit and we continued on.

Blue signs identify intermediate level trails.
The trails lack rocks and are often gently graded, even on switchbacks. There are many bridges for interesting riding with some roots to negotiate over or around. Sunny Hollow is a nice riding playground, good for about an hour's fun, and thus never crowded. We'll be back.

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  1. Shocks are for wimps! ;-) cool to have such a great network of trails so close. I live near Lincoln park in West Seattle a large forested park on the puget sound and I sometimes ride its network of walking trails on my fat tired road bike.


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