Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vote for Our Children as Two Wheeled Winter Commuters

This is what winter bicycle commuting looks like here in the Burlington, Vermont region. If you are on Facebook, weigh in with your vote (Like) in our local election to pick the best amateur photo. I'm partial to the image of our son—kid with backpack doing a flying kickstart—but the choice is up to you. Photo with most Likes takes home 200.00 worth of winter riding gear.

Local Motion's Winter Bicycle Commuter Photo Contest

Feel free to share this contest on your own network/blog/etc. Let's cast the net wide and support winter bike riders.


  1. Voted. Truly inspiring and motivating.

    1. Thank you for voting Randy. I appreciate your gesture. I am floored by how hearty our youngest son is when it comes to riding in cold weather. I want him to win this contest but I fear he's up against some stiff competition. As I tell him, he won by a wide margin when his photo was first published on Facebook, but now that all are being revoted, it comes down to marketing and soliciting votes, which doesn't feel right. He's a winner in my eyes and the sole student out of 400 in his school that rides throughout the winter.


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