Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thoughts on Riding in February

I spied fat bike tracks near the fishing pier.

Now that my quad injury is 90% mended I'm starting to think about riding to work again. Infant stages, really. Current weather patterns (temps. around 0 F) aren't conducive to keeping warm—or shifting frozen gears—for that matter, even on a short 5-mile new work commute.

However, it's light until 5:30. That's progress.

February is often wintry in Vermont, while March breathes warmth and fluctuating conditions. It's a coin flip as to whether I have riding opportunities this month or next, but snow covered bike paths will eventually clear. And I'll be ready.

For once, my bikes don't require any maintenance going into the "season". I don't know how I've come to this state, but perhaps I've gained confidence and mechanical skills. I also have arrived at the stage where—good or bad—niggling noises, slow shifting and braking are annoying and must be dealt with right away.

In the meantime, I'm scouting possible routes and alternatives, and plan to complete a trial run. I observe a mile stretch of the bike path while driving the car, but it's the unseen portions that retain snow and ice that I'm most worried about.

Out walking, getting my dose of Lake Champlain view, which I dub The Lake Effect.

I remain optimistic, in light of the groundhog's prediction, that by mid-February, mother nature will provide glimpses of spring. Plus, there's Winter Bike to Work Day on Friday the 13th. (Not that I'm superstitious, but perhaps the organizers are trying to overcome multiple obstacles here?) And, I wonder if MG at Chasing Mailboxes will hold her annual Errandonnee, which thankfully she moved from February to March in 2014.

I'm dreaming of rising temperatures. First step is to test my legs aboard skinny skis. Spinning wheels in brisk sunshine can't be far behind.
Note to self: stock up on hand warmers and pray to the weather gods.


  1. Have you used those hot hand hand warmers? I just started using them occasionally a couple of years ago and they really do seem to help a bit in gloves.

    Glad you are healing up and hopefully you'll be out riding very, very soon. :O)

  2. Ah yes, hand warmers are a lifesaver. I've also used them inside boots also if I plan on tootling around for any length of time. I need to restock on w warmers after doling my stash out to my family.


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