Thursday, January 8, 2015

-10F and Our Boy Rides to School

He wouldn't let me take his picture as he set off this morning on his mountain bike.
The above picture is from fat biking in Stowe.
Our youngest boy is a hearty soul. We ride together a lot in the warmer months, whether going to camp, for creemees, or to pick up the latest Nerf Gun. It's how we get around.

Rain or frigid temps don't set him back one bit, especially for his mile ride to school. Winter coat, sneakers, Pikachu hat, Nutcase helmet, and thick gloves, plus a heavy backpack and he 's off.


  1. I have thought of getting a Nutcase helmet but have heard negative feedback on how safe it actually is. What made you decide to get one for your son?

    1. My son wanted a skateboard type helmet. I loved the style and knew about Nutcase's interesting designs. I did not know about the negative feedback, but upon further research, I would take the study's findings with a grain of salt. This style looks every bit as safe as my Bell helmet with equally thick internal structure.

  2. As Randy said...Good for him..!!!
    Always nice to see a youngster get out on their bike whatever the weather....


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