Monday, November 3, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 - Fifth Cup

I waited until early afternoon's warmth and set off to surprise my parents. A busy highway connects our houses, one we drive often enough, yet there is an pleasing alternative that can only be done by bicycle. It utilizes a bike lane, sidewalk, bike path, cut through a college campus, back road, through my old high school's right of way, then lots of neighborhoods, emptying onto a cycle path that drops me at my parents' front door. The best part about pedaling: I feel smug, avoiding most of the traffic and the traffic lights associated with the usual auto route.

Along the way I stop for coffee, pumpkin bagel, and corn chowder at Bagel Market. The coffee wasn't half bad, considering the time of day. The soup left a lot to be desired. It was tongue-scalding hot and was the consistency of mashed potatoes. However, if I could let it cool somewhat and get beyond the texture, it tasted pretty good, flavored with ham, lots of corn, and browned onions. I suspect the soup was homemade, just overcooked or reheated and the water had evaporated over time.

I forgot my lock again! No worries. It was easy to keep track of my bike
through the storefront's large windows.
The best part of the stop was sitting near a window, soaking up the sunshine.

En route again, I marveled at the lingering Autumn color.

I've paid particular attention to the oak trees this year. There are varying shades of red to brown, depending upon species and location. Oaks also hold onto their leaves longer than maples, often flickering on barren limbs in the dead of winter.

Mr. Pumpkin plays peek-a-boo.
It also happened to be Halloween. As I rode by my old high school, a student dressed as Captain America strutted by on the sidewalk. It made me smile. I also passed a house whose front lawn was decorated like a cemetery. And, of course, I packed my dad's birthday gift inside a plastic pumpkin, just because.

Just the facts:
The Place: Bagel Market
Date: Friday, October 31
Drink: San Francisco Brew
Observation, Bike Friendliness: The shop lacks designated bike parking, however a wooden rail is a good compromise and in a visible location. I enjoyed surprising my dad, arriving by bicycle. 
Total Miles: 20

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