Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tilikum Crossing: Passage for Alternative Commuters

As a former resident of Portland, Oregon I was pleased to spy a delightful bridge rising above the Willamette River, especially since it will offer an alternative route for cyclists in a city bursting its seams. Tilikum Bridge (people's bridge) is wide enough for light rail, pedestrians, buses, and cyclists, plus emergency vehicles - no automobiles are allowed.

I recognized the similarity with Baltimore's inner harbor pedestrian bridge, though Portland's sail-like structure is on a much grander scale. The bridge is distinct, like Portland's other crossings and will fit the landscape, further solidifying Portland as a "city of bridges". However, commuters seeking to use the Tilikum will have to wait a while longer. The bridge is not scheduled to open until late summer, 2015.


  1. Yes, it looks fabulous. Too bad it went way over budget and construction started three years ago. Portlanders will be happy to see its completion.

  2. Cool I didn't know about that I will have to check it out on my next trip to PDX.


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