Monday, August 4, 2014

Golf Ball Ingenuity

Photo credit: Simply Cycle
I've always admired kickstands with rubberized feet, the kind that displace the bike's weight and feel stable. Mine are the old fashioned creeky type that constantly loosen. The kind that scrape on asphalt. If I forget to position the handlebars just so, the bicycle may lean too far to the left and topple before I catch and save her from crashing to the ground. But yet, they still function so I'm adverse to replacing each (I have four) until they fail altogether.

Enter the golf ball solution. According to a fellow cyclist he suggests drilling a hole the diameter of your kickstand into a golf ball. Push the ball in place. It's easy and also allows the bike to stand up on grass.

Photo credit: RV Now
And yet, I'm not convinced it's what I want. Though, I may change my mind. You've got to admit, the golf ball has a certain sense of style. Especially if I use mini golf-type flashy colors.


  1. Careful, I think the contents of some golf balls are under pressure and could asplode when you drill into it.

  2. Certainly seems worth giving it a trial Annie.....

  3. Hahahah! I think I will use a range ball for that!


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