Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ultimate Urban Commuting Bicycle?

The Bike Design Project. 
Five Teams. Five Cities.

The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike.

None of the entries are my ultimate commuter bike, for various reasons: only one style takes into account a low step-over height (many ladies wear skirts) and designs are usually by men, for men. because well, let's face it, males are the predominant riders and frame builders.

Males love black bicycles. Nothing new there!

A Chicago reporter who briefly rode one of the entrees in the parking lot commented, "It's a pretty aggressive position, not for an aging rider". Good point.

But do check out all five entrees. Then vote. Contest ends August 3. The videos are cool. The style is quite sleek, using innovative design. I would've liked to give my input along with my vote. But you know, I am the minority.

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  1. Every time I think fashion doesn't matter--and color is a huge component of fashion--I get slapped in the face with evidence that it does. I walked into a bike shop in St. Louis and faced a two-high rack of nothing but black and dark-gray bicycles. That's all I saw: the oppressive, repressed mass of the collection. I had no desire to study the machines individually. Instead, I did what I do at funerals: I mourned.


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