Friday, July 11, 2014

My Favorite Hot Weather Cycling Dress

When the dog days of summer arrive, I gravitate towards wearing sundresses. Sundresses at work. Sundresses on weekends at our family's summer camp. Forget a t-shirt and shorts. Riding in a sundress, well, that's the best.

My favorite sundress is a button-front tank style affair. It's pretty unusual also, and elicits numerous comments just about every time I wear it. With dark blue background, madras colored flower print, pleats down to waistline, and a flowing skirt, it billows when I wear it on the bike.

It's long enough for ample coverage, (I don colored underwear just in case an errant gust of wind comes my way) doesn't require a slip underneath, and the neckline exposes only my collarbone.

Probably the best part is the open back with ties, which someone else must fasten. I often wear a colored bra to blend in with the fabric, or, to at least not stand out. So many people have asked me where I bought the dress and I have to explain that it's easily 25 years old, purchased at a Filenes (I think) bargain basement in Portland, Oregon.

This dress begs to be paired with sandals, perfect for flip flop rides.

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