Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gas Power-Assisted Huffy

With the heavily loaded rear rack, I can see why he needs help cycling Burlington's hills!

With growing interest in electric assisted bicycles, I stumbled on an intriguing counterpart: a Huffy bicycle outfitted with gas engine. With premium petrol this bike gets 138 mpg and rolls on the flats at up to 25 mph. A simple clutch converts the bike from pedal-only to gas assist. The only caveat: when it rains the rider covers the exposed paper filter with a plastic bag, and plans on using leg power to get him where he needs to go. He referred me to BikeBerry.com for more information on this 2-stroke engine set up.


  1. The BikemanforU did a series on mounting a motor kit to your bike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW-OUmu2ib4 I think I would go electric assist before going with a gas motor but an interesting project.

    1. I used to think electric alternatives were the best, but recent lawnmower problems caused us to ditch our expensive battery powered mower - necessitated a 100.00 battery every year - in favor of a gas hog again. I don't know the cost per mile comparison between electric and gas assist bicycles, but this gentleman went for the gas alternative because of cheaper set up cost 250.00. I know electric bikes are at least twice that. I'm not advocating one method over the other, but in many cases the cost of "cleaner" technology is not keeping up with what the middle and lower incomes can afford.


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