Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Picnic at the Jazz Festival

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival is a week long mix of statewide and national musicians playing at special venues. Some performers fetch top dollar: others are budding musicians, specifically elementary to high school groups, given a chance to play on the Church Street Maketplace. I go for a bike ride beforehand, toting a picnic lunch, mat, hat, and sunscreen, prepared to enjoy music for the afternoon.

Chubby Chucklers, from Middlebury.
Performances are ongoing at three outdoor stages, with staggered schedules, which allows me to preview the groups and relax and enjoy my preferred bands. Interestingly, high school age performers aren't necessarily the most talented musicians. For example, the Chubby Chucklers hail from an elementary school. Each student plays at least two instruments with several individuals performing solos. Amazing!

More from the Chubby Chucklers.
I also enjoyed Richford High School's performance and choruses from Camel's Hump Middle and C.P. Smith elementary schools.

New England Kurn Hattin Homes performers traveled from Wesminster, two hours away. I loved the brass section plus the solos, often accompanied by dance moves at street level. Later, I researched the band's name, discovering it's a residential school for troubled youth.

It's easy to tap to the rhythms. All are encouraged to dance.

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  1. All the best rock stars do, mostly, start out as troubled youth. Mozart comes to mind; also as does me my ownself. But I wasn't so much troubled (or a rock star) as much as I was just IN trouble, a lot. Something to do with not coloring inside the lines.

    Vermont in June must be worth the effort, I'll wager.

    I would someday like to see Vermont in June. Sans trouble...



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