Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get Out and Ride Burlington

Graphic photographed from Seven Days newspaper.
Burlington is rocking the bike love. Burlington is not content with silver bike city status. Our city is Going for Gold, ramping up for the future. Current programs include: North Avenue corridor study and resident input; the first ever statewide bike summit was recently held in downtown to resounding success; a two mile section of the waterfront path will undergo a makeover this year - and that's just for starters. In mid June the causeway bike ferry will operate daily, taking visitors across The Cut. Bike Party evening events are ongoing. Elly Blue is coming to town. There are green drinks discussions (free food and beer) highlighting a soft launch of a new Burlington bike map. The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing which fun event to participate in. In fact, the amount of events is overwhelming, finally!

There will also be another Women's Ride Series, courtesy of yours truly, loosely based on Let's Go Ride a Bike's Bike Brunch picnic crossed with Coffeeneuring Without Walls option, resoundingly loved by fans of Chasing Mailboxes, D.C.'s 2014 Coffeenneuring Challenge. If you like picnicking and riding a bike, stay tuned for event dates and venues published on Local Motion's website or Facebook page.

Not to be outdone, the surrounding cities of Colchester and Shelburne are getting in on the act, prioritizing walking and biking infrastructure.

It's nice to live in a bike riding, happening place. Portland, eat your heart out.*

*I can say that. I used to live in Portland, where my love of bike commuting got its start.


  1. Sounds like some fun events and good improvements coming your way. My little town applied for and was denied bike friendly status which we were anticipating but it now helps us with what we need to improve.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that about your town, but a positive attitude should bridge the advocacy gap. Keep going. Cycling advocacy is always an uphill battle.

      I'm not sure how it all came together in Burlington. Certainly, I didn't have a hand in it, Perhaps, timing is everything. Nationwide, there's the healthy/green awareness movement that's fueling bike love. Focus more on infrastructure. There is a large contingent of students that ride bikes because they can't afford a car. Plus, there is a group of very vocal and committed professionals backing the movement.


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