Sunday, May 18, 2014

Flowers are on My Mind

With trees in Burlington awash in color and  fragrance, it's a perfect time to be out on a bike.

 Tulips are blooming. Lilacs are just opening, casting their heady perfume.

So it comes as no surprise that I headed to a nearby garden center, loaded up with flowers (for newly purchased flower boxes), tomato and basil plants, and two packages of vegetable seeds. I gently wound a bungee cord through the stalks and secured the cardboard box to my rear rack, then cautiously rode two miles home without a mishap. Here's to more garden adventures!


  1. Beautiful tree, I contemplated a ride to the nursery to get tomato and pepper plants but was afraid they would get damaged even though it's only 4 or so miles away. Instead the wife picked them up via car on her way home from work. Good luck with your plants.

  2. I had a four pack each of tomato and basil plants wedged into the cardboard box. I strategically filled the box just enough so plants wouldn't shift in transit. I took a chance that none would be broken. I lucked out. Oh, the things we try hauling by bike!


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