Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Ride on the Causeway

It's incredible weather for an Easter afternoon ride. I started off with my husband, then he deviated for a shorter loop back home.

Last time I visited the causeway I was on skis.
Lake views lure me out to Colchester's causeway trail. Water is like a magnet. Always has been, always will be.

Lake level, once again is at flood stage. However, it remains stable and is not dangerously high. All that late snowfall and melting mountain snow had to go somewhere. A few trees lining the causeway path are currently standing in water, but they always manage to survive, bent and gnarly looking. There are only a few hardy trees on this 3-mile section. I hope, someday, they'll be little ones to take their place.

Since the path reconstruction a couple years ago, someone placed this set of railroad wheels atop the marble blocks. I presume it was dredged up from the lake nearby. It's a fitting tribute to the former railroad, unusual in itself because they laid 3 miles of marble ballast, foundation for the water crossing. What was once used for structural integrity is now a marvelously unique feature.

The first mile of the causeway path traverses a wetland.
At my turnaround point I hoof it homeward, struggling into the wind for 11 miles. I was beat.


  1. The train wheels a really neat feature and such a contrast with the marble.

    1. We are very lucky to have this path in our backyard.


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