Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slippery Conditions

Last week I anxiously drove through very slippery conditions. When I arrived at my workplace I was shaking, pacing, talking with my employer, realizing that with my lack of driving skills in poor weather (and without a desire to improve) I was relieved I was standing in their home, holding my cup of tea.

Earlier, I'd passed the rider in the above photo, a guy who regularly commutes in single digit weather. When he walks his bicycle, I know roads are in terrible shape, which was precisely when my anxiety took a turn for the worse.

As conditions waffle between sunny and biting cold, and blustery precipitation, March really does resemble a ferocious feline.

I maneuvered—slipping and sliding can't be called driving—the mile long driveway today after I left work. The dirt road is still 85% ice and snow covered, yet temperatures had risen to a mild 39F. My thought process starts with "maybe next week", referring to possibly cycling the 11 miles. If more dirt reveals itself, even a yard or two a day, Spring biking can't be far behind.


  1. We have a chance of snow tomorrow. I hope we get a foot of snow! We will break the record for the most snow in a year if we get that. Then I hope it all melts off the next day..hehehe. Then its time to ride!

    1. March this year - In like a lion, out like a tiger?


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