Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Madness in Vermont

Bike path on the right is what I will use when I start commuting to work,
possibly by the end of March?
March Madness is... bitter cold, cold such that I wear long underwear when I walk outdoors and don't bother removing them when I go back inside.

March Madness is crusty snow, conditions too poor to ski on and enough white stuff to render bike riding a frigid, difficult endeavor—for me anyway.

March Madness is hours deep into two computer courses, which means less time for blog posts and world tour writing.

Empty bike racks along waterfront path.
But...I've started an interesting bike-related Tumblr blog, if only for class.

There's been lots and lots of blessed sunshine. Daylight grows by one hour very soon. Hallelujah.

People are enjoying frozen Lake Champlain.
Robins and cedar waxwings are congregating in trees, gobbling frozen cherries, filling the air with song.

It was below zero last night though by Friday it should be in the mid-30s.

And, there's an upcoming Errandonnee Challenge, just in time for this bike starved soul.


  1. March madness ... the birds are returning, robins, thrushes, warblers ... but with 16 inches of icy snow the world they search for food in looks like early Feb.; the St. Patrick's Day 100k is Sunday, there's 12" of snow forecast for Wed.

    Loved your post! And especially the neutral toned photos ... not quite b+w, or are they?

    1. Weird winter weather this year. Hard to call it cycling weather when our lake is frozen over... Had an inch of snow this morning but temps warmed to 40F. I pedaled to complete a couple errands this afternoon and felt like a dog going up the half mile hill towards home. Gosh, I'm out of cycling shape.

      Yes, the photos aren't true B & W. I use Picasa and it has a filter called "filtered black and white" where you get to choose a color that will add a slight tonal cast.


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