Monday, March 10, 2014

Clever (and not so clever) Bicycle Ideas

Use zip-ties to convert tires for winter use. Photo credit: Todd Boulanger on
While working on an assignment for class, I stumbled across this innovative collection of bicycle ideas. There are 80 bicycle accessories highlighted. I especially like #2, poor man's studded tire. You've got to admit it's a clever and inexpensive solution...for bicycles without rim brakes.

EVO, manly bike basket. Sold on Amazon
This one also caught my eye: #31, a bomb-proof rack integrated into the handlebars. It takes away the guesswork - what size basket, how strong is it, will it hit my fenders or tire, what front rack works on my bike? Since I've succumbed to these very questions, it's a simple solution for grocery hauling commuters or any rider looking to replace drop bars for upright comfort while also getting instant hauling capacity. A brilliant upgrade for a sloping top tube bike or that old mountain bike you don't know what to do with.


  1. Yes, the DIY studded tyre is popular over here too... until somebody tries it on a bike with rim brakes. ;)

    1. Ha Ha. Yes, what a hoot! Most of us own bikes with rim brakes. I guess it could work for the fixie and coaster hub folks.

  2. 80 must haves and I don't have a single one of them lol. A friend has a Schwinn 411 that has a integrated rack like that. Always thought it was pretty neat and looked good.


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