Friday, February 14, 2014

Fat Bikes in the Olympics?

Fat Bikes are allowed one day a year on Wisconsin's Birkebeiner ski trail.
The Fat Bike Birkie doubles as this year's U.S. National Fat Bike Championship.
Photo credit: Kelly Randolph on Travel Wisconsin
I've been fascinated by the BBC recaps of daily Olympic events. I love the biathlon, snow boarding, skating; I even marvel at the tactical aspects of curling.

But something is missing: the fat bike.

Biking events, of course, are traditionally found in the Summer Olympics. Not too long ago BMX riding was added as a sport. I watched, fascinated with the bobbing heads of riders as they zipped around the dirt course. When the riders went airborne, well, what a fantastic spectator sport.

This year the Winter Olympics introduced Slopestyle Skiing and Luge Relay as new venues. With the growing interest in fat bikes and competitions, and as our perceptions and perspectives change to accept that riding on snow is here to stay, then all things are possible. Is it so farfetched to imagine an Olympic snow bike event?

Picture a biathlon on fat bikes or a bike-only loop course similar to a summer mountain bike event. Or, freestyle downhill. Fat bike polo, anyone?  The location could be a cross country course or ski slope after those respective events come to a close.

What do you think? What Olympic fat biking events would you like to see?


  1. Annie, I think a Biathalon on fat bikes is a cool idea. Also some kid of aerial event, Maybe on the slopestyle course. Can you imagine how exciting those BMX dudes turned loose in the halfpipe?? How about that event where they have five athletes on skis or snowboards race down the mountain over jumps and turns. Two advance to have a finals. All on fat bikes!!! Now that is must watch TV!!!
    I am thinking much like the snow board events these type events could be tried out at X-Games before an olympics.

    1. Yes! It was thinking along those same lines. It would make for great viewer participation.

  2. Nice! This winter really has been very good for fat biking! Here is my idea: fat bike polo (hockey?).
    Just as a reminder, this (among other activities) WILL happen here in Vermont on Feb 23rd at the Barre Town Forest Fat bike Festival/group ride from Onion River Sports!

    Hope to see you all there!

    1. Great to see local fat biking events. Future Olympians in training?


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