Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coffeenneuring Prize

Mary included an appropriate card too. Doesn't the espresso look delicious?
Look what came in the mail! It's my prize for completing 2013's Coffeeneuring Challenge: a delightful embroidered patch. I plan to sew this one and the golden star from February's Errandonnee onto my new panniers. Trouble is, I'll need to sharpen a needle and my patience, hand sewing numerous curlicues is one more challenge in itself.

Thank you Mary, for these unique opportunities that encourage us to ride.


  1. That's really nice. I have a drawer full of patches (not nearly as nice as this one though) waiting to get attached to something. Curlicues aside, if you share a good technique in a future post, I might finally do something with my Zion NP boot-shaped patch.

  2. I still do not really know what coffeeneuring is but I will try it this year.

  3. Mine arrived this week too! Must work out where to sew it now...


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