Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Miyata 610 Love

The Miyata 610 has developed a cult following—the frame alone was exceptional for a 1980s stock modeland if you were to purchase a frame of comparative caliber today it would cost 1000.00. Yikes! So it's no surprise that folks are restoring and reselling the 610.

I am more interested in the bike's value to people for it's sweet ride, who might still have the quality rack that came with it, and pamper the bicycle because, like me, they can't bear to part with it. So while the Miyata 610 Love blogpost continues to rank high in my statistics, it seems a fitting tribute to continue the story. Without further adieu, welcome to part two.

1981. Christov_Tenn

Flat bars, V-brakes. Cycle Logical 

A lovely green color, found by djk762 in mint condition.

1982. Another one-owner beauty, fitted with 700c wheels. AZ on BikeJournal

And for a Flickr set of sweet photos (all photos are rights reserved), see SaddleUpBike.

A always, if you know of any other loved Miyata 610s, contact me and I'll add them to this collection.

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  1. Nice! I have to say I like the later ones a bit better, when Miyata (and practically everyone else) realized that touring bikes should have cantilever brakes.


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