Monday, November 11, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Sixth Cup

Sixth Cup - Monday, November 4 - New Moon
First day with a scarf and thicker head band than usual, it was nonetheless another sun-filled coffeeneuring ride.

The waterfront path was quiet, a nice perk for year-round cyclists who ride during the cooler months. The asphalt was very clean, unusually so, until I spied a Parks & Recreation employee walking, blowing leaves off the path. This is new. In the past, leaves compacted until covered by snow. Recent clearing may coincide with Penny for Parks program updates. The fund dedicates $350,000 annually to parks improvements.

For me, it was heaven, confidently riding without worrying whether my tires slip on wet leaves. With foliage season long past, I enjoyed broader lake vistas, and most especially observing ducks, splashing and honking on sandy shores.

Enough about the scenery! As I climbed from lakefront to downtown, I was still undecided what cafe to support. Then I stared right at New Moon. At least two years ago—approximately when the place opened—someone mentioned it was run by a religious cult. Since then, it's been off my radar and as it turns out—unjustly so. I park at the nice blue bus-shaped rack out front, willing to give New Moon a chance.

Oh my. The ambiance is warm and inviting: brick walls, fireplace aglow, free WIFI, leather loveseats and lots of wooden tables fill the front area and beyond the central coffee/food/deli area there is more seating at the rear. The place is huge. I order an Americano with big chocolate chip cookie, pleased they honor my Bicycle Benefits sticker. It comes to 3.88. My goodness, what a deal.

Fireplace seats are already taken, so I sit at a table. The Americano is smooth, tasty, even with a bit of milk splashed in (poor man's latte). The only downside is they've run out of mugs and I drink it in paper cup. I love the cookie. It's thick, crunchy and very fresh. I tried to save some for my boys, but I break off bits until I've eaten the whole thing.

Where have I been all these years? New Moon is infinitely more inviting than my regular downtown coffee shop. Less expensive too. And with breakfast burritos, an interesting lunch menu, specializing in local ingredients, I know I'll be back. This could easily become my favorite haunt.

Total mileage: 15 miles.

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