Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coffeeneuring Recap

Document the coffeeneuring experience. In a nutshell, the following is a condensed version, mostly for MG to fulfill her Coffeeneuring Challenge requirements. For others who desire an in depth account, I've provided links to separate blogposts:

First Cup - Monday, October 7
Black Jersey Blend Coffee
Total: 8 miles
Observation: An opportunity to photograph autumn colors before heading out for coffee.

Second Cup - Friday, October 11
North Beach, Coffee Shop Without Walls option
Fair Trade DCF Espresso
Total: 4 miles
Observation: Making Coffee on the beach with a lake view is heaven.

Third Cup - Monday, October 21
In a Treehouse, Coffee Shop  Without Walls option
Part Cafe Bustelo, part Fair Trade DCF Espresso
Total: 8 miles
Observation: I fall in love with the treehouse with each visit.

Fourth Cup - Friday, October 25
Uncommon Grounds
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Total: 3 miles
Observation: Rum cake doesn't pair well with flavored coffee.

Fifth Cup - Friday, November 1
Starbucks at Barnes & Noble
Chocolate Tazo Chai Tea Latte
Total: 5 miles
Observation: It's a comfortable place to read a book. However, I can't keep an eye on my bike.

Sixth Cup - Monday, November 4
New Moon

Total: 15 miles
Observation: This could easily become my new favorite coffee shop.

Seventh Cup - Monday, November 11 
Burlington Bagel Bakery
Oregon Chai Latte
Total: 9 miles
Observation: Bagels are still great, but bike parking is nil.

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