Monday, October 21, 2013

Greece - The Gulf of Corinth Coastline

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Photo credit: Mapcarta
37 miles - Saturday, October 28

Akrata. Photo credit:
We ride the water's edge, pedaling through town after town of painted white houses, each differentiated by uniquely-colored shutters. Arches are a common feature. Arched garage spaces and parking areas provide a beautiful green-blue ocean view as we roll by. Houses are covered in flowering vines and grapes. One plant reminds me of morning glory, with deep purple trumpet-shaped blossoms that glow as it cascades downward. I imagine foliage is also a necessity, providing physical relief from sun-drenched Mediterranean climate.
Akrata. Photo credit:

Tiny, oared boats line the roadside. Fishermen play with nets, gear. Fish is sold from small shops or backs of trucks. At the same time a station wagon slows and toots its horn, briefly stopping. I peer inside the vehicle, spying tall loaves of bread. Minutes later a woman lugs three loaves, waddling back to her shuttered, white home.

I decide to not wear my contacts for a while, opting for prescription sunglasses. Dirt and dust has become a problem, kicked up from passing automobiles. Sometimes brush-burning clouds fill the air. Or sandy roadsides.

By days end we are in Korinthos, and by default stay in another less than desirable campground, offering 1500 drachmas. Andy and I've lowered our standards, accepting Greece on its own terms.

Ancient Corinth is nearby, along with other historical sites. We'll tour the surrounding area tomorrow. As we are only a day's ride from Athens, we must decide where to go next. We'd still like to visit Turkey, depending upon ferry schedules. Or perhaps, explore Greece's interior because we've barely touched the Peloponnese.

Tonight's dinner includes olives, garlic, tomato, spices, and delicious soft feta cheese, mixed and gently warmed, then tossed over pasta. I could eat this every night.

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