Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Third Cup

Third Cup - Monday, October 21 - In a Treehouse
The evening before my third coffeeneuring attempt I pedaled to Oakledge Park, to scope out the ledges and beach for a scenic and flat spot to enjoy another Coffee Shop Without Walls. Wind blasted off the lake. Clearly, if the wind kept up, I would not be sipping coffee on the shoreline like last week.

The treehouse is to the right a few yards away. Look for the metal supports.
As I rode inland, following paved trails, I spied the treehouse. Perfect! And with a boulder nearby where I could safely brew my drink...  So. weather patterns being what they are, I woke to 39 F, with treetops still bending. I waited until noon when the day warmed, then rode to the park with a basket full of supplies. This time I even remembered the water.

It was still too windy to light the stove atop the rock so I retreated to a protected area on the ground.

A view of the treehouse (through the zoom lens) as seen from my temporary kitchen.
I crouched under one of many grandaddy oaks in the park. The canopies are sprawling and spectacular. There is also one gigantic specimen; it dates to the 1700s.

I let the coffee steep for five minutes, add cream, then prepare to wander through the treehouse. Sip. Ah, I rather like this half-caf brew: part Cafe Bustelo, part Fair Trade DCF Espresso. Dark and strong—just the way I like it.

Forever Young Treehouses is an organization that plans to build a treehouse in every state. Burlington's was constructed about ten years ago.

It's wheelchair accessible. I also like the long Z-shaped walkway.

I stand at a bend and sip my coffee, admiring the view. I cannot rush whenever I visit. It's contemplative. Mesmerizing.

The approach is otherworldy: a network of branches, very hobbit-like. It's like wandering through a woodland canopy.

The thriving, humongous oak tree—the main feature—has ample room to grow. I smile. Every time I visit, I marvel at the engineering: the metal roof, the understated green steel supports. The construction is solid—not like the rickety backyard kind. 

I understand why weddings take place here. It's truly a special place.

Total mileage: 8 miles.

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For rules or to join this event, visit Third Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge.


  1. I love this treehouse, I've never seen anything like it before!

  2. What a totally Awesome treehouse! I can see why it makes you smile when you see it. There is a place outside Seattle ( that has treehouses you can stay the night in, a bit pricey but maybe someday.


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