Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 Foliage Challenge - Photo #1

View from my home office.
Here it is, early October, and the trees are changing into spectacular colors. The foliage season—my personal favorite—is upon us, this year right on time. Already, tour buses are cruising through Burlington, flooding our outdoor pedestrian mall, and licking their way through Ben & Jerry's scoop shops.

Even my geranium feels the need to provide colorful leaves.
In the past, Rantwick held a foliage contest, and since it is now defunct, I will take up where he left off, though in a simpler context. I will post ample foliage photos myself, as is my custom and regular tribute to this special event. If any of you would like to join me, I'll publish your photo on this blog. E-mail is upper left, within my profile. A 600 pixel wide image is plenty big enough.

Only rules that apply: the photo must be taken on a bike ride and should primarily focus on one tree. If you feel inclined, provide a name or nickname, where the photo was taken, and anything significant regarding the tree or bike ride. Other than that, have a good time. Get out and enjoy the brief autumn colors.

I'll lead with this specimen: it's taken along a busy road, part of my morning commute. When I stopped to snap the photo another bike commuter slowed and asked if he could help. I had to smile. I love bike community.


  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome. Prepare for a royal visit from The King!

  2. We are in spring here, but I'll keep my eye out for a flowering specimen if that is allowed, Rantwick accepted it last year, though it did not become a place getter, not even close ...

    1. I can't expect Australia to have foliage in the spring...but, yes, send me any tree picture that is colorful. It's all about the trees!

  3. Right on Anniebikes! The leaves are just starting to turn down here in the Ohio valley so it will be a few days before they are ready but when they are I'll send some autumnal eye candy your way.


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