Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm a Guzzler

What is it about water, or specifically, lack thereof, that sends me into a panic? Sure, I can manage without this precious liquid for my hour commute. I have before. I won't expire or fall off my bike.

But, it's all I think about when I've forgotten my bottle. Memories of past rides, tours without enough water or food climb into my thoughts. Take over.

I have to tell myself, it's okay, you'll get through this, you'll be fine. It's good for self control, right?

To make matters worse, I've noticed how most people I ride with consume less liquid than I do. Like half. I drink 22 ounces each way on my ride. If I run out and my mouth is parched, I'm silently begging for more.

It's obvious that some riders require more liquid than others. I've also wondered if because I have a tendency to ride slow anyway, I possibly need optimal energy, so I won't fade and fall behind. That also means I eat a snack every two hours. Or less.

My husband often forgets—how can he do this, I don't know— to bring water when we're out for a 1.5 hour jaunt. I bring plenty for myself, of course. But somewhere down the road, I buck up and offer him a sip. Begrudgingly.


  1. Guzzle on, Annie. I am one of those people who doesn't drink enough, not by a long shot. I'm working on it because I know it is better for me, but not doing very well.

  2. I tend to not drink until I feel the need to and then it's a little late. I'm trying to remember to take occasional sips whether I'm thirsty or not and no matter the conditions of the ride. If I forget water though, than I'm parched and in a panic after the first pedal stroke.

  3. I need my water too, I feel thirsty even thinking about it. I know how much better I feel if I drink enough and how I don't run out of steam as quickly.


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